Go out and get busy!

Dale Carnegie, American writer and motivator, once said that, “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” The simplicity and power of that statement is worth not just reflecting on but acting on.

If you are underemployed you know the frustration of settling for less when down deep you know you deserve more. More importantly you know inside that you are fully capable of more. Sadly too many people are settling for less. In the process of “settling” they have also nurtured a fear inside of them that has grown to epic proportion.

The fear that I am speaking of is the fear of change. When we become complacent and satisfied for less than we could and should be we do more than doubt we freeze in fear. We develop a fear of the change. We fear if we did step forward and try for a better position or to start a business that we would fail. We fear that if we spoke up that we would be ridiculed and laughed at. By who? Often we fear what others who are in the same trap would think.

Why fear the response or attitudes of people who have accepted the lie of failure or mediocrity? Why let others hold you back when you still have the glimmer of a dream inside you. Jim Carrey wisely said, “If you’ve got talent, protect it.” I believe you need to take that farther, if you have talent and a dream you need to nurture it, protect it and each day do something to advance it.

Don’t be afraid of succeeding, you might just do it. Start by doing something positive to fulfill your dream today. Let me ask you this question and I encourage you to respond to this post, if you knew that you would not fail what would you do instead of what you are doing now?


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