The Toughest Job Interview Questions – Question 2

 “Tell Me About Your Weaknesses.”

When you encounter this question you could reply: “I have trouble getting along with people” or “I have trouble meeting deadlines” or “My spouse can’t stand it if I work on weekends, and I don’t like having to deal with that.” Fine, you told the truth. What the employer will tell you know is good-bye. They may not speak it for another few minutes, but we guarantee that that response has just clicked on his mind. You’re history.

Keeping those three weaknesses for our mythical job hunter, let’s alter the response 180 degrees without really changing the basis of the answers.

Weakness                                          Why Not Respond…
Trouble getting along with people? “I do tend to get impatient with people 
                                                                  who are deliberately unproductive.”
Trouble meeting deadlines?              “Sometimes I feel so overloaded with
                                                                  electronic information, I have to be careful
                                                                  to prioritize my time.”
Angry spouse?                                       “Sometimes I have to be careful – I get
                                                                  so wrapped up in my work that I don’t
                                                                  give my family the time they need.”

All we are suggesting is that you insist in your mind that you’ll take a positive approach to every interviewing question. Work on it, practice, role-play and conduct post interview self-critiques. For the process of self-evaluation, use the technique we call the interviewing continuum to facilitate an ongoing analysis. Both during and after the interview, think of the discussion as generating positive, neutral or negative responses. On the interviewing continuum, one end is positive, the middle is neutral and the opposite end is negative. You can afford negative points on no questions if you plan to get the offer you really want.  You can get by with a few neutral responses. But the great majority must be positive. They must weigh the interviewing continuum to the positive if you are to leave the impression necessary to receive an excellent offer.

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