The Toughest Job Interview Questions – Question 5

“Would You Relocate (or Travel)?”

Before you read on, remember that these questions are not provided for you to merely skim over. The planning and preparation of answers is essential to maximizing your interviewing prowess. The only way to succeed is to match your background to a positive, upbeat, convincing answer for each of these questions. Start with your resume, know every word on it. Another key part of your preparation is company research. You should know as much about the company as you possibly can before you arrive for the interview.

This is an easy one. Your answer is, “Certainly, for the right opportunity.” There may be only one set of circumstances for which you would relocate – Cancun for $500,000 annually (or whatever your dream spot might be) – but your answer stands as accurate. If the company makes the right offer – the right opportunity – you’ll relocate. It’s truthful, but it keeps control of the interview in your court.

Be aware, also, of the motivation for companies to ask questions about relocation and travel. The information may have nothing to do with the position for which you’re interviewing, but frequently such queries originate from a list of prescribed questions to which every new employee must respond. How sad it would be if you lost a job offer because of a careless remark about not being willing to relocate, when in fact the job in question wouldn’t require a move.

Of course, if you have decided you definitely will not relocate or travel, then give this answer, realizing it may preclude you from further consideration. However, if you definitely would not relocate or travel, then you are protecting yourself from a hazardous situation a few months down the road when you are with the new company.

You are a professional who responds in a professional manner.  Always value and demonstrate honesty and integrity. When you tell the truth you never have to remember what you said and it may very well be something others will find worth remembering. Never lower your expectation and never demonstrate anything but integrity, clarity and professional attitude. To achieve a better job for better pay and have a better life, commit to excellence.


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