Honor Our Veterans – Veteran’s Day 2012 – Join Us!

What Will You Do On Veteran’s Day?

Sunday November 11, 2012 is Veteran’s Day. There are many distractions on this day. What will you decide to focus on?

What is Veteran’s Day mean to you? It may be just a day to rest, a chance to have a day off. Perhaps it is a chance to shop till you drop taking advantage of sales. Maybe it is a time for friends and family. Perhaps you would be willing to look at it in a different way starting today and from now on.

Veteran’s Day is a time that we stop and honor those who have served and are serving our country. Primarily those who have worn our military uniforms, yet also those who have served in different ways also risking their lives. You can recognize those who are in uniform defending our freedoms with out much difficulty. You may never even be aware or consider those who break codes, gather intelligence and serve in covert ways that retain the danger if not the recognition.

Too often for too many people Veteran’s Day is a sale, a party, a rest and not a time to reflect. Men and women of all ages will take time this day and remember. They will perhaps gather in large cities and small towns and hear speeches, pledge an allegiance that they still maintain passionately after so many years and they will probably shed some tears. Tears as they salute our flag. Tears as they see others in uniform. Tears as they consider what they have given for their country and others have taken from our country.

Please honor our freedom, stand for our freedom and if called on fight for our freedom. Vote for our freedom while you have that freedom. Please take a moment to forward this blog to your social network and encourage others to honor our veterans and those who serve each day and please do not forget to encourage their families.

Please remember whatever else you do this holiday, this weekend, from now on to make time to remember, honor and celebrate those who have given all for our nation, our flag and our freedom.

May God give us grace and bless America,


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